Front Line Advisory Group (FLAG) understands the challenges faced by governments in managing their finances. To help address these difficulties, we have created reliable methodologies and best practices for forecasting financial needs, anticipating potential obstacles, and ensuring that projects remain on budget.

Our program and project controls teams have extensive experience in financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. They possess the communication skills needed to explain complex financial information in a manner that is easy to understand for experts, stakeholders, and constituents alike.

Our team is proficient in anticipating potential challenges, forecasting financial needs, and ensuring accountability by skillfully conveying complex financial information while integrating multiple projects within a portfolio.


Functions of FLAG’s Project Controls Teams include:

  • Program scheduling/budgeting
  • Monitor contract and cost management 
  • Website development assistance
  • Program management information system (PMIS)
  • Execute project agreements
  • Documentation and submittal management
  • Create standard operating procedures and toolkits
  • Build reporting templates
  • Customize training documentation
  • Hire, onboard, and train new project consultants as part of our consulting services
  • Develop project specific attendance policy
  • Provide financial and KPI tracking
  • Manage resource levels per business reqs
  • Staff meetings and 1×1’s with consultants
  • Conduct scheduled stakeholder meetings
  • Cost estimating
  • Cost management and control
  • Schedule management and control
  • Change order management
  • Earned value management
  • Risk monitor and control
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost risk assessment
  • Schedule risk assessment
  • Risk modeling
  • Risk response planning
  • Cost and schedule risk management
  • Risk training

Travis County Capital Infrastructure Program 2011

In 2020, the Travis County, Texas Transportation and Natural Resources Department (TNR) demonstrated their trust in Front Line Advisory Group (FLAG) by bringing us on board to assist in the completion of the five remaining Bond Proposition 1 projects in the 2011 Capital Improvement Bond package, totaling $132,840,000.


Travis County Development Services

In addition to the above responsibilities, FLAG also serves as the PMC for the Travis County Development Services Division within the TNR Department. This involves providing oversight, control, and change management for the Planning, Infrastructure & Development Permits, Inspection, and Code/Regulation Enforcement departments within the division.


New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery

Jessy Milner played a crucial role in the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts in New York as a senior housing consultant. His extensive background in program management and expertise in CDBG-DR rules and regulations were essential in coordinating a program budget of $4.2 billion and rebuilding communities affected by the storm.


New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program

During Mr. Milner’s tenure as a partner at Front Line Consulting, LLC, he led the creation, implementation, and management of policies for a multi-functional team of 26 individuals for the New York Rising Recapture Program.


Travis County Capital Infrastructure Program 2017


Front Line Advisory Group is the premier provider of Program Management Consultant services to the Travis County, Texas Transportation and Natural Resources Department (TNR) for their $300 million Capital Improvement Program (CIP).


City of Kyle Capital Infrastructure Program 2022

In 2022, the City of Kyle selected Front Line Advisory Group and part of a team led by KFA to serve as the Capital Improvement Bond program managers for Proposition A of the 2022 Bond election.