Korey Jackson is a Mississippi native, who now makes his home in Leander, Texas.

As FLAGs Capital Improvement Program Master Scheduler, he will have the dual responsibility of managing schedules for multiple projects, while also providing accurate forecasts, risk analysis, and mitigation strategies.  Outside of FLAG, Korey is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, inc., and in his spare time, he can be found fishing and watching football every day its available.  He is also the proud father of a handsome young boy.

Korey is excited about FLAG’s approach to program management and its unwillingness to accept to the status quo when it comes to construction.  He sees FLAG as an inspiring organization that will continue to grow and lead the way in innovation.

When asked the ultimate question of who would win in a fight between Jessy and a grizzly bear, Korey responded, “Is the Grizzly bear holding a gun?”

Korey Jackson

Personality & Strengths

  • Ennegram 3: The Achiever
  • Strengthfinder: Analytical, Developer, Strategic, Command, Responsibility
  • Favorite Books: “My American Journey” and “Jim Brown: The Fierce Life of an American Hero”

Past Experience

  • United States Army Field Artillery Officer
  • Senior Construction Project Coordinator
  • Municipal Planner, Scheduler, and CIP Lead


  • Master of Arts in Business Organization and Security Management from Webster University
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Technology from Florida A & M University