Meet Kelli Lindsay, a driven and committed individual who values family, community and giving back. Texan-born but Colorado-raised Kelli currently residing in Kempner, Texas. As FLAG grows, so does its philanthropic footprint, and Kelli is inspired to work for a locally based company that puts its communities first. To Kelli, community is made up of the people you know, your loved ones, your pets, your neighbors, and the fun things you do or have access to every day. FLAG plays a part in supporting the community by being a small ripple effect within local areas. A small deed can have a broad impact and influence individuals or circumstances in spectacular ways.

In her free time, when she is not handling FLAG administrative business Kelli enjoys an assortment of activities. She can be found riding and showing her American Quarter Horse Stormy, hanging with the most famous Mouse, traveling to far off places, speaking different languages to her borrowed kids (she has been a foreign exchange host parent 5 times), polishing up and showing some American built muscle cars, Saluting and supporting the troops (especially her husband, SFC Michael Lindsay), shooting with her expanding gun collection and finally being the best fur momma to her four Boxers – Ralphus J, Betty Rose, Minnie Mu, and the newest boxer baby Maverick.

When asked who would win in a fight between Jessy and a grizzly bear, Kelli explains, “Simple, Jessy. Because if paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, what beats all 3 at the same time? Jessy does. Plus, Jessy can have both feet on the ground and kick butt at the same time…Enough said.” When asked what the best branch of the military for Kelli that’s the Army, because every kid growing up wanted to play a soldier.

Personality & Strengths

  • Enneagram 6 The Loyalist
  • StrengthFinder: Time Keeper, Deliverer, Commander, Storyteller, and Self-Believer
  • Working Genius: Tenacity and Discernment
  • One Favorite book is the Art of War by Sun Tzu or anything by Tammy Hoag, John Grisham or Stephen King
  • Magician and proven cat herder
  • Certified Adult in any situation

Past Experience

  • United States Army Veteran
  • US Army Military Police Officer
  • Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom


  • Master of Science MS, Human Development and Leadership focused in Public Administration and Education from Murray State University
  • Bachelor of Health Care Administration from Murray State University


  • Business Skills Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin