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Introducing FLAG, a Veteran-Centered Business

Front Line Advisory Group (FLAG) was established in 2016 by Jessy Milner, who transitioned from a career in Army Special Forces to the business world. The goal was to build a company staffed by veterans who exemplify a “can-do” attitude.

Utilizing Procore to Meet the Needs of Travis County

This vision gained significant validation in 2017 when Travis County, Texas, selected FLAG to oversee 60 concurrent infrastructure projects funded by a voter-approved bond measure. Residents had authorized $302.1 million for a diverse array of projects, from culvert upgrades to park enhancements and land conservation, primarily focused on public safety. A county commissioner described the initiative as “a health and safety bond.”

Facing a tight deadline of December 31, 2022, for substantial completion of all projects, Travis County relied on FLAG’s expertise. Jessy Milner explains their approach: “We were tasked with creating and implementing standardized processes using Procore. This was not about managing a handful of projects over several years; we had 60 projects to complete in four and a half years.”

Travis County had not undertaken a public bond measure of this magnitude in over six years. The scalability and adaptability of Procore’s construction management platform reassured the county. The platform enabled the standardization of processes across all projects, essential when a limited number of project managers are overseeing numerous diverse projects.

“Currently, we have about 14 project managers managing the 60 projects, both external and internal,” Jessy notes. “Procore’s standardization simplifies our reporting to Travis County, making it more timely and consistent. I do not need to navigate different project managers’ methods for documentation, measurements, or change orders. All 60 projects are progressing uniformly.”

Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

Publicly funded projects demand transparent processes and complete accountability. Procore’s platform excels in providing accurate, real-time information, critical for maintaining public trust. “Procore is an accountability tool,” Milner states. “Our schedules and budgets are visible not only to project managers but also to elected officials. During our quarterly updates to the commissioners, there is full transparency. They see exactly where we stand against our budgets and schedules.”

Jessy Milner continues his mission to integrate veterans into the construction industry, with Procore as a vital partner. “Procore allows us to establish and enforce standard practices, making it easy to compare costs, budgets, schedules, and tasks across projects. Everything is centralized, from executive oversight to project managers’ documentation. This transparency keeps our projects on track.”

Procore’s archival capabilities meet the stringent requirements of Freedom of Information Act requests, ensuring complete accountability. “Procore serves as the document archive for the entire program,” Milner says. “When there’s a Freedom of Information request, it’s handled through Procore.”

This partnership underscores the commitment to efficiency, transparency, and accountability in managing public infrastructure projects, ensuring taxpayer money is used effectively and transparently.

View The Original Case Study to Learn More

“This original case study included Jessy Milner and Jamahl Labbe of Front Line Consulting. Their combined 34 years of Special Forces and Army Special Ops service, including direct reports to the U.S. Intelligence apparatus, formed the backbone of the company’s mission. Their collaboration led to securing major projects such as managing 60 simultaneous infrastructure projects in Travis County, Texas, using Procore to standardize processes and ensure transparency and accountability.”


FLAG provides program management consulting services in Central Texas for municipal and school capital improvement bonds. FLAG is revolutionizing the construction industry and transforming client expectations by obsessing over the basics of budget oversight, schedule enforcement, compliance, vendor management, and stakeholder communication.

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